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About Sardo's Pizza

Santo Sardo, a second generation family entrepreneur , who was "literally born on a flour sack," began learning about Italian cuisine at the age of 5 in the family pizzeria. He came to Florida with his family in 1979 when he was 15 & worked in pizzerias they operated in Seminole. He stayed until 1985, then returned to Brooklyn to run his own place until 1991. He then moved back to the Seminole, Florida area in 1995 & opened a Brooklyn-style neighborhood pizzeria in the old Seminole Mall food court. In 2007, Santo purchased a building in Largo on Ulmerton Road, which is now his permanent home. Having had multiple stores at once, he realizes he can not delegate, he has to touch everything... so we only have the one location now. 

Santo, with his confrontational humor, is known as the "Pizza Nazi." He will jokingly pick on you if you say menu items mispronounced, or grab a fork & knife to cut up your slice of pizza. And whatever you do... don't ask him what's in the Ham & Cheese Roll... what do you think comes in it? Some customers go there as much for the funny abuse, as for his delicious homemade food. Others will go hoping he will pick on them so they can have a good laugh. It's all a part of his daily good-nature ritual. Santo says his confrontational humor helps take the edge off the stress of operating a business so he doesn't get burned out. Some also feel his sharp tongue define his personality & the street smarts he acquired growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

There is a soft side to Santo inspired by his three children: Johnny Bones, Stella Bella & Santo Jr. And his beautiful wife Lisa. Family means everything to Santo and he will do anything for them. He also contributes his soft side during the Christmas season - as every year he chooses a different charity/shelter to donate everyday needed items, toys, clothes or food to. He enjoys getting his customers involved with letting them know before the Christmas season begins what this year's donation will be about, so they can all help out too. He wants nothing but the best for those in need and will do whatever he can to make the Christmas season special for them. Christmas 2017, we were able to donate over 120 brand new bikes to an orphanage in Tampa, FL thanks to Santo and all of the amazing customers to donated as well. 

Santo is full of pure passion, inside & out - he cares about every single thing inside of this store. And with what he does, he gives 110%, that includes front to back - top to bottom - left to right - bathrooms to the dinning room - Mr. bleach freak keeps everything beautiful... We are now celebrating our 30th year, in 2020. 

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